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Low cost, automatic OCR bot for Notion

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glasses photo

Imagine that these could be organized in Notion.

Name cards

You will be able to search roughly by name or company name. If you take photos of multiple business cards at once, you can search for "Who was in the meeting at that time?"

Invoices & Receipts

Save every bill for electricity, water, gas, telephone, real estate, etc. Of course, order forms, quotes and receipts are also recommended.

Screen shots

OCR your cell phone screen shots and browser screen shots. Chat histories, tickets and store names can be easily searched.

Other documents

Contracts, driver's licenses, insurance cards, and vehicle inspection certificates are also recommended.

Pricing Plan

There is one pricing plan, which includes OCR for 300 pics per month. There is a two-week trial, no credit card required, so feel free to sign up.


Let's save time to search.

$0.99 /Month


How does it work? Secure?

Yes. We are also developing it for our own use, so we are very careful about its safety. Here's how it works: We use Google's Cloud Vision API for OCR. The traffic is encrypted, and our system only gets temporary image URLs from Notion and passes them to API, so our system doesn't store or read your images directly. Our system doesn't store resulting OCR text, either.

Why did you develop this?

This service was developed by two software engineers living in Aichi and Gifu, Japan. I migrated from Evernote to Notion a few months ago. However, I was dissatisfied with the fact that I could no longer search for scanned images such as insurance cards and contracts. So I decided to give Notion the power of image search, and get the peace of mind that I had before.

Are there any plans to support services other than Notion?

Yes. Please let us know what kind of service you would like. Or if you are a service developer, how about developing a plugin together?